Joan Druckman, PhD Psychologist and Couples Therapy
 Joan Druckman, PhDPsychologist and Couples Therapy          

Types of Services

Why and when people seek counseling and therapy

I provide psychotherapy and counseling to individuals, couples, and families.  Most of my clients seek help for problems such as depression, anxiety, panic, worry, and anger. Many of my clients struggle with marriage and family difficulties. Many people seek counseling when they are having difficulty adjusting to a life change. The transition to marriage, parenthood, divorce, a child leaving the family home, disability and end of life provide challenges to all of us, and counseling can help individuals, couples, and families find a way to positively cope through these difficult times. 
We work together to identify what the problems are and how to best resolve them.  Sometimes therapy goals involve acceptance, sometimes they involve change, and we always strive for greater understanding of self and others.  Each session, guided by specific therapy goals, is interactive, collaborative, and respectful.



Marriage/Couples Counseling- Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

I am certified in Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy. Many couples come to therapy reporting conflicts about children, money, and/or sex. These areas of conflict often reflect deeper concerns with trust, safety and intimacy.  We'll work together to improve not just specific problems, but also to create a new way of relating and connecting that you can apply to any problem or area of conflict in your relationship. We will work to identify and change the underlying patterns of interaction that keeps you from having the kind of love and emotional connection you want.
I am comfortable working with people in recovery from addictions, including sex addiction.  I have experience working with couples where there is infidelity and affairs, and I have helped them find a way back from the pain of betrayal.

Individual Therapy

In my work with individuals, I generally use a combination of attachment and emotion-focused therapies and mindfulness-based practices. Sometimes therapy can be longer-term and in-depth. Other times, we can stay focused on problem-solving and develop new cognitive and behavioral strategies to address change. These approaches help you identify and work with your thoughts, feelings and behavior so that you not only feel better but also live better. Together, we identify what approach is most effective for you and your particular situation. 


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